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Paramhans Kids


Paramhans Kids

Made parenting powerful, scientific and futuristic with Paramhans Kids, an online cognitive assessment conducted to find out your child's flair, core mental capabilities, strengths & skill set. It tests your child's IQ, focus, speed, creativity & learning style.

As a parent, you get many invaluable insights about your child's real learning nature. Based on the test analysis, you get personalized activities, worksheets, unique experimental tasks, guidance and recommendations for your child.

Paramhans kid’s partners with the world's most advanced parenting platform to build the true potential of every child. It makes your parenting scientific, futuristic & visionary. Unlock captures complete learning of your child and offers customized activities & solutions.


Our digital partner provides a home-based digital platform to assist parents to realize the true potential of their child. It is world's 1st personalized learning & talent building platform.

First, it conducts cognitive (mental) ability assessment. It is followed by delivering learning activities. daily experiential tasks (30), weekly 4 activities, 50 worksheets per month, (may contain reading, writing, creative, video, physical activities).

Your child becomes a quick learner and a better student. It significantly improves mental processing, creativity, innovation, logical skills, speed, vocabulary, communication, confidence, writing & reading skills. It boosts your child's natural ability, drastically.

Not only that, we provide an amazing platform for parents and kids. Which makes kids talented., keep them busy & motivated in experiments, activities & competitions. It improves confidence and skills like reading, writing, communication, creativity and discipline.

It reduces tv-mobile addiction. Helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress. Contact us for more information.


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We provide Career Counseling Sessions for School Standard, Under Graduate, Graduate. Job Seeker, Working Professionals, Single Parents, Entrepreneurs and so on.


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Our mission is to provide Quality Education. To help children and individuals achieve their goals in life by providing them alternative education techniques and counselling.


Our Vision

To Become a center of Excellence in the field of Providing Education & training.


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